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Can You See Me Now?

“I was dead. That in itself didn’t concern me much. I’d never been afraid of death. Of dying, yes; of a painful end, or a premature one – important things left undone – definitely. But the thought of actually being dead held no particular terror for me. I remembered the moment of my birth, and … Continue reading

Question: Mid-Life Crisis? Answer: Forty-Five-Year Old High-School Freshman

“I felt like a toddler facing a long driveway of puddles. I imagined Academy Place as a club at one of the top Ivy League schools, one that teaches the secrets of creativity, with the full array of handshakes, slogans, and robes. I figured alums must have been sworn to secrecy, and now the leader … Continue reading

Coming of Age in the Dawn of a New Age

“Andri catches her stare and smiles. She blinks at the table. He clasps her wrist, his grip warm and meaty, his thumb grazes the stained bandage. ‘Killing yourself?’ She snatches her hand into her lap, seesaws between pride and embarrassment,being thought capable, then incapable of suicide, shakes her head.’Too bad’ ‘Andri!’ Megan’s disapproval prickles a … Continue reading

I’ll Follow You Wherever You May Go

“I hadn’t been to Woodlawn Cemetery since my father’s funeral. Knowing what I know about where we go once we die, I’d never seen the point in leaving flower bouquets next to the tombstones or talking to the ground. This was just where the bodies end up, and soon enough the bodies weren’t even that … Continue reading

Skin as White as Snow, Lips as Red as Blood, Hair as Black as Ebony

“I can’t explain, maybe it isn’t something that needs explaining, how the sight of a broken cage just puts you up on stilts. The promise that the cage will always be empty, that its days as a jailhouse are done.” 1933 Lower East Side Manhattan- This is a story of a little girl named Boy … Continue reading

You Look Hungry, You Should Eat Something, Said No One

“You will never be fulfilled until you understand that you must live your life for others, not for yourself.” A woman in Berlin has died mysteriously in her cramp, quaint, and cluttered inner city apartment. The mystery is not in the how she died but the motivation behind it. The death has been officially ruled … Continue reading

Restless Sleep? Take 35 of These and Call Me

“In general if you tell people something bad, they buy right into it, because it strikes them as normal. But when you make up good things, they get suspicious.” Reading Etgar Keret’s Suddenly, a Knock on the Door was a truly surreal experience. The majority of these stories seemed to be constructed effortlessly by the … Continue reading

Thoughts can be Deadly, Words can be Weapons, We Hold the Answer.

“Memorization had been her companion in her lonely southern childhood. Her father was a farmer and a minister, and when he discovered that she had a skill for remembering, he had her memorize verses to open his sermon on Sundays. It began as her companion and became her curse. Language was a game, that was … Continue reading

Step Right Up and Don’t be Shy or be at Risk for a Needle in your Eye

“The women, dressed up like glazed hams and glistening in the heat, were trying to look like they belonged on the set of Sex and the City. Watch them closely and you could see the mannerisms of the American starlets they idolized; the gestures, the nuances of speech, grabs at being sassy. Meanwhile the men … Continue reading

A Sobering Tale for Ye on St.Paddy’s Day

“What does love feel like? Floating and burning: just like when he holds her with that polite formality yet his forehead presses a little too heavily against her temple as they move. Just like when the hazy coppery light is splintered by intense, triumphant bursts of gold and crimson. Like when she can feel his … Continue reading

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