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All the Single Ladies, ( All the Single Ladies), All the Single Ladies, (All the Single Ladies)

This being a “complete” handbook to dating and sex, you have to come to terms with the understanding that a lot of the information has been rehashed and for the most part will not be new. For the majority of the reading public you have already heard of the subject matter or for good or … Continue reading

Is “Play”giarism a Victimless Crime?

This is a very difficult piece of literature to review because it is not so much a novel but a piece of art to be reflected upon. I was going to just copy and paste someone else’s review, change a few words, claim the work as my own and see how long it would take … Continue reading

Everyone has a Story to Tell; What’s Yours?

What happens when the one aspect of life that you have left to use a rallying cry, as a means for something to preserve, could eventually end up tearing your family apart? For the Crowe family what starts out as a typical family drama ends up becoming much, much more than they ever could have … Continue reading

Unapologetic Briskly Walking Contradictions and the Obtuse Tourists in Their Way; I Love NY

“Being unattractive is much like being black, Larry thinks: one makes you a second- class citizen in the world of business, the other a peon in the world of romance. The only difference is that there hasn’t been a civil rights movement for the nondescript and homely people of the world, the short, the bald, … Continue reading

Clarity in One’s Life Through the Dregs of a Bottle and a Death of a Loved One

I really enjoyed the back and side stories found in this novel. It really helps develop the characters in your mind and actually does a great job of manipulating your feelings towards them along the way. You get the feeling that while reading the story you have come across all of the varying personalities within … Continue reading

You are Cordially Invited to Saddam Hussein’s Republican Palace; R.S.V.P BYOB ( Mateus Rose is Preferred)

National tyrants, civil oppressors, political strongmen, and benevolent despots, normally not the type of the guests you would welcome to the dinner table, but all in a days work for an international negotiator like Gov. Bill Richardson. With the global expansion of the marketplace in full-force, one of the more prominent fundamental principles I learned … Continue reading

ShE lOvEs Me…she loves me not…ShE lOvEs Me…she loves me not…ShE lOvEs Me!!!

“You drop your phone and it lands in the yellow zone and you’re lucky it didn’t fall onto the tracks and I get goose bumps and I wish I could grab you by the arm and escort you to the other side of that pole. You’re too close to the tracks, Beck, and you’re luck … Continue reading

I Promise to do my Best, To do my Duty to God and my Country, To Help Other People, and To Obey the Law of the Pack.

“His fear was whetted to such a fine edge that he could actually feel it now: a disembodied ball of baby fingers inside his stomach, tickling him from the inside. That’s what mortal terror felt like, he realized. Tiny fingers tickling you from the inside.” Children using tweasers to rip wings of insects, setting up … Continue reading

Wherever This is From, Its Got to be From the Bowels of Someplace Batty and Unzipped

Summary –The predecessor / doppelgänger / kindred spirit of “Catastrophically Consequential”, “Hideous Exuberance” remains, in this revised edition, a character-driven, highbrow-lowbrow, post-post-modern, comic-fantasy-nightmare dissecting the unbridled egoism, narcissism, and anti-intellectualism of the present day. This work is a flamboyant, surrealistic and experimental study of abusive and self-abusing characters, as well as a trashy, grungy, poetic … Continue reading

So This is What Rejection Feels Like

Many people refrain from reading short story collections for a variety of reasons. Whether it be the feeling that once you get a feel for the characters the story is over, they see it as a way to inflate the ego of the writer, or perhaps they see it is an easy way out of … Continue reading

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