Wherever This Is From, Its Got To Be From The Bowels Of Someplace Batty And Unzipped


Summary –The predecessor / doppelgänger / kindred spirit of “Catastrophically Consequential”, “Hideous Exuberance” remains, in this revised edition, a character-driven, highbrow-lowbrow, post-post-modern, comic-fantasy-nightmare dissecting the unbridled egoism, narcissism, and anti-intellectualism of the present day. This work is a flamboyant, surrealistic and experimental study of abusive and self-abusing characters, as well as a trashy, grungy, poetic and phantasmagorical horror laugh-fest.

Review – Wow!!! This book was quite the read. With character names Gregarious Egregious, Maya Hiyuh Powuh, and Botoxia Bubblebutt I knew at the very least this book would be fun.From the presentations of haute cuisine, to the Ignatius-esque rants, diatribes, and soapbox standing, to the sexual liberation between the characters in a preposterous world. This book has no bounds. A little feel for what I am talking about and a smidgen of what this mind-altering collection of pages promises:

“Punanie Pac-Manson made a unicorn snuff film – that tragickally ended up being her
first pornographick project…as well as her last…”


One of the first satirical pieces of literature I ever read was Voltaire’s Candide and while engrossed in the material I kept thinking to myself, why I am laughing at the tortures of so many? Then I realized, after extreme contemplation looking myself in the mirror, that that was precisely the point. Events of serious natures do not always have to be presented by the author or taken by the reader so seriously; unless it is categorized as what many call today, “too soon”. And once enough time passes and more extreme events occur you can release your work. Or in other cases you may have to wait until you are dead, when you can finally release your work post-mortem before you receive any acclaim or urination on your grave. I am merely mentioning this due to both books tragic comedy and satirical styling, as well as the destruction of derrieres, but I am not comparing the two:)


When writing this book I wonder if Stephen was like “I sure hope my audience will understand the Harry Potter/Narnia references”. Sorry to spoil it for you Stephen, but I am not sure that your book and these books will be met at the same frequency by the same market. Personally I am not familiar with Harry Potter, but after saying Szczmawgwhore(ts) and Whoremoania a few times I started to realize the path where we were heading. This book has a lot of moments both good and bad, but the most important thing to remember is that it had MoMeNtS. If you want or need a brief escape from the mundane this book may be for you I just hope you are not easily offended and enjoy various perspectives.



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