Clarity in One’s Life Through the Dregs of a Bottle and a Death of a Loved One


I really enjoyed the back and side stories found in this novel. It really helps develop the characters in your mind and actually does a great job of manipulating your feelings towards them along the way. You get the feeling that while reading the story you have come across all of the varying personalities within one’s own life. From the office politico, the power hungry father, the adventurous young sister, the do-right young cop as well as many others. For a lot of you have surely come across these types of characters before.

“Sometimes the only problem I wish I had in life was trying to parallel park.”

This is a story of a woman named Samantha Church, and do not let the name fool you, the only time you will see her in a church is for a funeral in which a few glasses of Jack is needed to help steer her there. Unfortunately for her the glasses are adding up along with the funerals. Samantha has lost it all: her journalistic integrity, her career at a daily newspaper, her own self-worth, her relationships with her daughter and husband, but most importantly her sister Robin. She is inches away from hitting rock bottom and the only preventative measure she has is to ensure that Robin’s death was not in vain. Will she be able to slowly reclaim everything she has lost? Or will she slide down the slippery slope of self-destruction? Their are two ways too go, the choice is up to Samantha.


Another feature of the novel that I found refreshing was that the lead character was not a cosmically beautiful super model that had the ability to use her feminine wiles to get whatever she wanted. In fact it was pretty much the polar opposite. You understand that she was very beautiful as younger woman but her lifestyle has taken its toll and she had to work extremely hard to get what she wants instead of simply batting an eyelash. This was definitely reassuring and did not stand in the way of my enjoyment of the book.

Their is a minor problem I had with the book. When I think of writing a book I realize that I will not be an expert in all of the subject matter that I plan on covering. If I were to limit my story to what I know I would be pigeonholing myself and limiting my career to know more than three or four books. That is why believe research is a must when writing about the plethora of topics that must be covered within the scope of a novel. The issue I had with this story were the excerpts on basketball. Being in Colorado the author probably would have been advised to give a shout to crazy Woody Paige(only sports reporter from Denver that I know) or some other sports writer in the area. Basketball was a topic discussed quite a bit and believe the author could have made it more advanced. Here is a portion of the main excerpt I am talking about:

“He was so quick he was hard to cover and he had a lay-up that guaranteed two points.”

I think it would have sounded more basketball appropriate if it was said like this:

“His explosive dribble-drive was the best in the district and struck fear in any defender that was in his way.”

Sure your sentence is fine if you like “Hoosiers” and people with a limited basketball knowledge will give a hooey, I just believe mine is a little more “Above The Rim” and shows a little more deep-seeded interest in the dynamics of the sport. Both equally effective but mine is a little more exciting too read and watch. There is no way in hell you would find me accurately describing the differences between A-line and Empire wedding dresses; I would need to do some research or talk to somebody in the know.


“Each life lived eventually became a book. How a single letter becomes a word, becomes a sentence, becomes a paragraph, before finally becoming a chapter and on and on and on until cycle of life ends and the book has been written.”

Another problem I had with this book was that I figured out the answers to the questions pretty quickly. Personally I love the “ohhhhhhhhhh” moments of mysteries, in fact that is one of the main inspirations for reading this genre of novel and this book had a few, but not as many as I would have liked. See I am not that smart and for me to figure it out is very flattering, but also very alarming.

For many people the holidays can be a lonely time, for Samantha losing your career, divorce, an on again off again relationship with her daughter, and tragic death of her sister, the Christmas season is unbearable. For the lonely-hearts it is not about getting through the depressing holiday season, nor the weeks,days,hours,or minutes, but the dreadful seconds that encompass it all. All in all I valued my time reading this book, it was a quick read where you could sink in your seat and enjoy, it had some good messages, endearing characters, and the ending was very well executed.


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