Is “Play”giarism a Victimless Crime?


This is a very difficult piece of literature to review because it is not so much a novel but a piece of art to be reflected upon. I was going to just copy and paste someone else’s review, change a few words, claim the work as my own and see how long it would take someone to notice. I apologize, this was all in an attempt to be charming and befitting of the topic at hand, but I have this sinking feeling of unease and must come clean so I don’t repeat the mistakes of my past.

I have spent plenty of years contemplating the literature of William S. Burroughs, specifically his cut-up works like Naked Lunch. I was intrigued by the way these texts from [Sic] covered a wide-variety of theoretical slants and contained so much depth to travel. Not to mention the way the narrative felt so uniquely Burroughs,in spite of being a conglomeration of appropriated voices. Specifically, I was taken with the way the cut-ups challenged concepts of authorship and the control of words.


Their is a moral obligation that I feel I have to disclose to my fellow readers. At one time I was a plagiarizer. Yes I know, but it’s true. Throughout my elementary school years I remember only 3 research projects of importance to me:1) The Wolf for a Canadian national animal project and also my favourite animal,2)Hong Kong ’97 for a China based unit,and the3)Stag Beetle don’t ask me why. The one in question is that of the wolf. Essentially I rewrote a book found in the library and handed it in for grading. I don’t know if my penmanship was that bad or if my teacher was that oblivious, but for a fourth grader to get credit for the work of a published author is quite alarming and very complimentary. I was never found out or given a talking to, in fact I was put in an accelerated program that year. But tell me, is it plagiarism if the person is not aware that they’re plagiarizing? I don’t know the answer but it feels good to get it off my chest.


Now that that’s taken care of, on to the book. For starters, I tend to gravitate towards books that are a little off-centre, challenging and encourage the WTF response. The whole idea of plagiarism is very convoluted in that their are questionable rules and the ambiguity of the definitions to abide by. I was very intrigued with the premise of this book leaving me in a situation I don’t like to be in, being a nuisance in order to get a copy. Thanks again Lori for helping a brother out.

Throughout my perusal, because I can’t really call it reading, my reactions consisted of “aha”,”okay”,”is this where this is going?”,”does a decoder come with the e-book as well?”,”that’s pretty funny”,”can you do this?”,”good way to close.”

“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.”

This book of new-age illumination was very interesting. Besides the author’s eclectic musical tastes I generally found reading [SIC] to be an eye-opening and an enjoyable event. I liked Davis’ unique take on classic works.Personally my favourites were his excerpts from, thought that was a nice touch and a primary source of educational defiance. “This Land is Your Land” also insinuates a freedom of mind,body,and soul with a sense of sharing among friends. The recipe for Victory Cake seems like a winner, presidential farewell speech because at one time in everybody’s life they thought of being a leader of a nation, the numeric sequence of pi, and a more modern first 30 tweets were some of my favourites.

th (13)

Throughout secondary school, Wikipedia was my primary source of reference. It took me a while before I figured out why everyone was laughing at me, but when I did, I figured who in their right mind would modify the information on the cerebral cortex? I rest my case and the joke is on you.

Plagiarism is not a crime but is disapproved more on the grounds of moral offence. Thank you Davis for a unique experience.


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