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Through Jails, Rails, Sails, and Trails; The Search for the Holy Grail Continues

“She unpinned the Saint Christopher medal from the fabric over the windshield and stuck it on his shirt. “Christopher saved a child from a river, and though he was a big and strong man, the surprising weight of the small child almost made him stumble and fall into the raging water, but he would not … Continue reading

Home is Where Your Heart Lies

The problem with short stories is that more often than not there are some that you will like more than others. This belief leads to an unfair overall evaluation and a less likely realization of a glowing review for the book. By choosing short stories as their preferred medium, maybe the author deserves what they … Continue reading

Rock and Roll May Be on Life Support but Legends Never Die

“So sometimes it’s the sand in the oyster that creates the pearl. You need some irritation. You need some repression or some conflict. And my life would have been much less satisfying if I didn’t know that.” Hugh Hefner From his mouth to God’s ears Neil Strauss has been eighteen-years-old for more than two decades … Continue reading

The Mind Wanders as I Read

“Once upon a time we shared in this common misconception of there being a divide between fact and fiction, but after that night our sense of the reality of events and the certainty of objects was forever deranged. How life seemed to be made up of the kind of person who controlled perception while most … Continue reading

T-Minus 394461 Minutes, 59 Seconds and a Honey-Do-List With No End in Sight

Reading the acknowledgements I was elated to see the author thanked Augusten Burroughs for his work and the inspiration that he has provided. My re”birth” into bibliophilia (yes it’s a disease) was brought on by reading Burroughs’ memoir Dry, and eventually his other book’s Running With Scissors, and You Better Not Cry. Their was much … Continue reading

A Return to Innocence, One Step at a Time

What can an English tabloid journalist hired by Piers Morgan reporting for the United Kingdom’s Daily Mirror to write exploitative editorials have in common with an award winning country music star from Canada? Remarkably it was from the power of the written word that a message crossed international waters that kick started an endeavour to … Continue reading

On Writing, Motivation, Purity, and Other Stuff

“A writing life is at the very least a double life. It is a life in which not only memory but also forgetfulness has value.” This wonderful resource takes the author’s personal experiences, literary references, and environmental variances to address common hindrances for the dawning of and hopeful success in writing. There is so much … Continue reading

Tongs Get Stuck Up Your Lettuce

Originally posted on Elan Mudrow:
? Dinnerware doesn’t do Breakfast or even lunch What a stuck up clod. Salad forks maybe specialists But, have been known To stray, to poke a few Meat and potatoes. Paper plates are slobs. Butter knives are dull However, some are really twisted. Does china honestly need Its own cabinet?…

What Happens When the Big Apple Takes a Microbiological Bite Out of You?

” ‘You think from day to day. If you allow yourself to think of the future – any personal future – you lose your nerve. And suddenly you recall all the senseless time-wasting things you’ve done…the wasted minutes you’ll never recover. And you realize that time is the most precious thing. Because time is life. … Continue reading

No Greater Truths are Learned Than in True Kushti (Competition)

“Heavy rains fell on the inner city after a long dry spell, washing away the layers of limestone paint from the old buildings, exposing more patches of their brickwork. Water, which had united elements in the process of construction, now aided disintegration, allowing decay to make deeper inroads into the edifices. New cracks formed in … Continue reading

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