Relationship Between Business and Technology is Strong, but it is Still About the People



Supercharge the way you build business relationships–online and off!Business success is all about connections, relationships, and networks! In “New Business Networking,” Dave Delaney shows how to combine proven offline business networking techniques with the newest social media–and make them both far more effective. Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience building great online and offline communities, Delaney offers easy step-by-step directions, plus examples from some of the world’s top relationship builders. You’ll discover little-known tips for reaching out more efficiently and more personally…great ways to meet your Twitter connections “in real life..”.new ways to build your network “before” you need it, and make the “most” of it when you need it!- Identify, research, and actually reach your best potential connections- Create a personal landing page that builds relationships- Grow a thriving LinkedIn network you can count on for years to come- Use third-party services to supercharge the value of your Twitter feed- Encourage people to engage more deeply with you on Facebook- Make powerful new connections through Google+ and Google Hangouts- Use fast-growing networking tools like Instagram, Eventbrite, Rapportive, Evernote, Plancast, Meetup, Batchbook, Highrise, and Nimble- Organize in-person events that work–and find sponsors to pay for them- Listen and converse better, and remember more of what you hear- Avoid oversharing and other social media faux pas- Transform your business card into a powerful agent on your behalf- Nurture and deepen the relationships you’ve worked so hard to create

In other words, don’t be like these people, and try your best to keep up with the times.



And protect your assets.


Networking, for me is the most essential form of marketing that any small business should learn to apply. Currently, I have been laying the ground work for getting my own business off the ground and find it very fitting that I was lucky enough to get the chance to read this book. Being primarily an introvert (except when the situation demands me to be otherwise) I found it very helpful on how to extend myself without seeming disingenuous or pretentious. It is also really helpful to know that the majority of the people at networking events are extroverted, so by simply initiating conversation and getting them to talk about themselves you can focus on the whole L.I.S.T.E.N. process before you feel comfortable for engaging in responses or follow up questions.

Do I get bonus points if I act like i care GIF

This book gives you vital information on how to effectively secure a new job in the marketplace by getting your foot in the door, having a coffee, and most importantly, marketing yourself. The author also provides you the resources to grow your network before you need it, generate leads for your company, utilizing Twitter to inspire, inform, advocate, and entertain. The book is also a cautionary tale about the dangers of social media, with a billion people or so on Facebook its best to choose your words and what you share to the masses wisely. Generally I prefer not to mark the insides of the book with reminders and notes, but this book has provided so many thoughts it has left me no other choice. Maybe I will have to buy another copy for my bookshelf. The numerous amount of technical applications found on the Internet has left me in the dust and has forced me to do some hard work if I want to efficiently coordinate my marketing on a “shoestring” budget. This book will be one of my primary resources for many business matters related to small business marketing and look forward to Mr. Dave Delaney’s future work for any additional information along the way.

But getting a handle on all of the social media sites will take a little time.



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