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Doormats Don’t Hit Back

“Outside her home, Oscine had built an image of reflection, and inside her home, Oscine, an image of a stowaway, ensconced in her room, talking to herself, dreaming of a man who would one day rescue her; few friends came her way, as she was so busy pleasing everyone but herself. She was fast becoming … Continue reading

2 & 3 & 4 & 1, Er & San & Si & Yi, Step, Rock, Close and Pause – Welcome to Mambo

“While everyone else was teaching, I went to an unoccupied corner and started going over material I had learned that day. For the first time, I felt as if I might have a chance to actually be good at something. Like Godmother said, nothingness was the beginning of the universe.” Charlie Wong is a twenty-two-year-old … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time There was Humanity

“My daughters talking me out of going to that light, that bright, dazzling light that I’ve seen not once but twice now. The glorious light they always speak about, and it’s true, like that first glimpse of your own children – the light equally fascinating, captivating, alluring. A light to bury your world-weary self in” … Continue reading

A New Meaning to the Expression Down Under in Australia

“I thought of the divisions, within and through my city, small ones, cracks in pavements and in people’s minds, that were familiar, nondescript, repeated as often as the scene in front of me was repeated, glowing and then gone. I thought of bigger divisions, moral and political, how Eden Carmichael had moved across them, and … Continue reading

Big Talents, Big Dreams, All I Need is The Big Wide Calm

Paige Plant is a twenty-five-year-old waitress, amateur painter, and ex-MIT student who relishes her time playing her guitar on the street in Harvard Square. She is, in her heart of hearts an aspiring songwriter who anticipates becoming a nationally recognized superstar, and hopeful of eventually becoming a global phenomenon. I say if you’re going to … Continue reading

To: Russia With Scorn, From: Russia With Love

” ‘She says not only not necessary but not practical. We girls, she says,we were scrawny little rats and could squeeze into odd spots where no man could, and bend ourselves into positions no man could. In those circumstances a spotter would have been a hindrance. She also believes woman have naturally more patient temperaments. … Continue reading

I’ve Been Everywhere and Have Seen Many Things, Man. And There’s Only One Thing You Should Know…

“He knew then what was so awful in his visions, what gave them their power to terrify, to torment – to make his life seem so peculiarly hollow all of a sudden: they were true. That fragility he had seen, the mortality, the vulnerability – they were everywhere. It was no great revelation that everyone … Continue reading

Dan & Rider’s Rectifiable, Revisionist History High School Adventure

“Essentially, I viewed life from the opposite direction as everyone else. My future was their past and their past my future, so while others perceived events in light of what had happened, I perceived them in light of what would happen.” Have you ever felt some sort of spiritual force pulling you in a different … Continue reading

High School: The Time of Financial Frugality but Immoderate Mischief

“The makers of fine tobacco got men to part with serious money because they were selling them a lot more than shredded leaves and nicotine. They were selling a dream. Single malt distillers played the same game. It wasn’t ethyl alcohol they were peddling, it was prestige. Trouble was, all three – nicotine, alcohol, and … Continue reading

Twenty Year Reunion of The Famous Five at The Five Star Cafe

“When we are young, we have stars in our eyes. We have dreams. We romanticize the unattainable. Once the dream is attained, everything seems dreary. Once we are There, we realize their is no There. There is now Here. Disillusionment follows. Life is drudgery. Yet it is important to dream.” Five young men and women … Continue reading

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