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Du Dum Du Dum, Du Dum, Du Dum Du Dum Du Dum Du Dum Du Dum, Da Da Da Da Da – Pink Panther

“Singh remembered that he was on enforced medical leave. It might be ages before he had a juicy murder to deal with if Superintendent Chen had his way. This case – a missing person, a secretive family, a powerful scion, a city of contrasts and a wedding deadline – was certainly not for the fainthearted. … Continue reading

To Hell and Back For the Greater Good

The most critical issue facing Christianity and one that I agree with is its enchant for dreariness. Dangerous is a story of a good old Nebraskan man’s quest to spread the word of the Lord in the world’s most dangerous places and in doing so changing this ever-present philosophy that religion is boring. His dream … Continue reading

Slice of Life in South African Mid”K”night

This collection of stories brings the readers a lot closer to the hot, sticky, blood thinning, but temperate climate of South Africa. With the multicultural, multilingual, and wide variety of religions found in South Africa, this anthology of stories gives the audience a little taste of the country’s eclectic mix. Some stories have a distinguished … Continue reading

Experimentation: By Any Stretch of the Imagination

“The tale of a country girl who crosses a river of poverty and ignorance aboard a boat called culture and on the other bank discovers herself to be something beautiful. This crossing concerned us personally: the idea that culture (or writing, or ideas, or activism) could be a ferryboat; that a girl could cross over, … Continue reading

When Getting In Where You Fit In Is A Life Long Concept

“War makes possible enemies out of people whom we have considered friendly acquaintances for many years. Yet the dangers attendant on having people who would furnish information to the enemy in our midst is too great to allow a relaxation of alertness. Aliens loyal to Mussolini or Hitler are just as dangerous to us right … Continue reading

Everything In Moderation; Yes Even Technology

“Sometimes our office is like high school. Cliquey and ruled by popularity, people getting teased for what they wear and what they say. All these judgments passed based on what someone likes, and the only form of humour is the toilet kind. You know what I mean?” “Max used to say, pay attention at school … Continue reading

Watch Your Step Kid!!! Once You Go Down That Road There Is No Turning Back

“Paranoid are not paranoid because they’re paranoid, but because they keep putting themselves, fucking idiots, deliberately into paranoid situations.” In a post-modern world, in a town that on the surface is not unlike many others, there lives a woman named Oedipa Maas. She lives in a town that goes by the “rolls off the tongue” … Continue reading

During Our Darkest Moments We Must Focus On The Light

“What is an adult? He’d always wondered. Was it a person who can speak when silent and who invents life, as opposed to just living it? At the wheel, Luke told himself she was the most adult person he had ever known. Some people would argue the opposite: that she had never grown up, that … Continue reading

I Was Alone, I Was All By Myself, No One Was Looking, No Time To Bemoan

“She smiled for the camera, of course, like a dutiful daughter, but when people say ‘her smile didn’t reach her eyes’…well, looking at this picture, I understood that phrase. Had she been thinking about her application to Julliard when this picture was taken? Had the fact that she was talented enough to apply not been … Continue reading

One Moment in Time Can Change Everything Humanity Holds Dear

“I have heard people say love is weak but they’re wrong – love is strong. In nearly everyone it trumps all other things – patriotism and ambition, religion and upbringing. And of every kind of love – the epic and the small, the noble and the base – the one that a parent has for … Continue reading

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