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Beware the Danger in Beauty My Blogospherical Friends

“Death is always on its way, but the fact that you don’t know when it will arrive seems to take away from the finiteness of life….we get to think of life as an inexhaustable well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times…How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps … Continue reading

Heart Says Go, Mind Says Stay: A Young Woman’s Search For Happiness

SUMMARY 13 Years in America is a story of hope, sacrifice, and the modern search for happiness that is at once a moving personal journey and a sharp, hard look at the American Dream. After moving to the United States from Canada, a free-spirited young woman rejects the status quo and embarks on a journey … Continue reading

When the American Dream Becomes All Too Real

“The baby Ben on Pauline’s nightstand jangled out an alarm. She slapped the top of the clock. Buck stirred, then settled deeper under the covers She looked into the pale sunlight filtering through a sheer curtain. ‘I wonder what this day will bring.’ “ 1960’s San Francisco, California a hotbed for the hippie movement it … Continue reading

Head on Straight and Far Above the Clouds

“Since humans first became themselves they have scarcely changed, except in the ways they think. We have always been thinking and thinking again. It is our lot to be guided or led astray, ruled or misruled, by our thinking. Thought narrows or expands; it gathers itself, gives itself shape and direction, and worldscapes follow after.” … Continue reading

Solitary Sanctuary or Safety in Numbers? Life of a Man on the Go

“Mystery is the attractive condition a thing (an object, an action, a person) possesses which you know a little about but don’t know about completely. It is the twiney promise of unknown things (effects, interworkings, suspicions) which you must be wise enough to explore not too deeply, for fear you will dead-end in nothing but … Continue reading

It is Easy to Sleep With the Enemy. The Difficulty is Living With a Stranger

“Always, always it’s the heart first. You must have heart to move you along. After that there’s the head for understanding yourself, your enemy, and the field. If you have heart and use your head, you’ll always find something at hand to help you reach your end.” This book is incredibly conceptualized, illuminating in its … Continue reading

An Atheist and an Angel Walk Into a Bar in the Afterlife… See What I Did There?

“The great painters and composers didn’t simply decide what beauty was. They discovered in their lives and devoted themselves to capturing it.” This is a millennial retelling of a popular 1980’s family comedy, but for the sake of subtleties let’s call this intergalactic religious odyssey Ransom & Corwin’s Excellent Meta-Physical Adventure. Together they travel through … Continue reading

Be Proud of Your Heart. It Can be Played, Stabbed, Cheated, Burned, and Broken but Somehow Still Works.

“A woman will think she can fall in love with you because you can write a song,because you can touch some raw emotional nerve that most people don’t even bother thinking about. Because you van write a fucking lovesong. Because you’re famous. And for one night: you’re golden. I’ve been golden all over the world. … Continue reading

A Whirling Dervish Across State Lines and Legal Jurisdictions

Summary Western Roads is Michael Walsh’s semiautobiographical tale of wanderlust, friendship, and murder. The story follows Walsh and his confederate, Othello Bolen, who flee Minneapolis after a violent incident in St. Paul. They meet a few years later in California and boil toward the climactic finish. The work is experimental, urgent; hot as a bebop … Continue reading

A Little Less Kerouac, A Little More Action Guaranteed

“Here is what I believe: distance is more important than time. The Earth travels about twenty miles every second. It’s easy enough to figure out = pi, our distance from the sun, three hundred sixty-five days, and there you go. Twenty miles per second.” In 2007 a husband, wife, and their son have taken up … Continue reading

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