There’s A Santa Claus In All Of Us



Non-fiction: Parenting. Winner of Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards Gold Medal for Best Parenting Book of the Year, The Big Secret, The Whole and Honest Truth About Santa Claus is an irresistible instant classic no parent should be without! This feel-good picture book helps parents with the inevitable question “Is Santa real?”. With honors from Mom’s Choice Awards and appearing on the cover of Publisher’s Weekly, The Big Secret “teaches everything” but allows your child to control when he or she is ready to get the information. By choosing to read the entire book, he or she becomes a member of The Big Kids’ Club and all is revealed in a wonderfully positive way. Christmas magic is redefined in such a way that the transition from believing to understanding becomes a very positive experience for the whole family. With each page beautifully illustrated and the message kindly and truthfully told, this timeless book leaves everyone looking forward to the next time The Big Secret, The Whole and Honest Truth About Santa Claus is pulled off the shelf to add a new member to the Big Kids’ Club! Magic IS real! You will believe too! “a must-have for every parent…”-READER’S FAVORITE “Boorn’s debut children’s book brings the legend of Santa Claus to life through clever interpretation, alluring illustrations and skilled storytelling. Beautiful illustrations… strengthen the sweet message. A book that families will look forward to revisiting each holiday season.”-KIRKUS REVIEW




 It’s a well-known fact, from generation to generation that little kids always want to get older faster than time allows. It’s also become increasingly apparent that adults wish they could go back to the innocence of their youth and get the elasticity of their skin which has been lost over the years. This book unites the big kids and little kids for a common goal, without any feeling of isolation, ageism, or leaving them in search of something more. Roles are distinguished where one side has a special responsibility of creating their own magic by upholding and explaining the legend, and the other side must simply enjoy the ride and believe.





The author explains that magic is everywhere if you look close enough. Fireflies, rainbows, waterfalls, change of seasons, the world of science has brought magic to life. But not everything can be explained scientifically, this is where Santa and the magical world of Christmas comes in. The value of love from parents to their children has grown the legend of Santa Clause exponentially. Think of the game telephone with a global audience, sans the negative poetic license which transforms Santa into some flesh-eating zombie.

Beautiful_Places_ (10)

This story is interactive which is great for young readers and as an older-younger reader I appreciated the experience. I also love that this book is a practical way of revealing the secret without killing the spirit, utilizing positive reinforcement to settle a life’s path. If this book does not become a fixture in my annual Christmas decorations (it would make a good coffee table book) I will make sure to pass this book around and continue the message.




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