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Never Mow Another Man’s Lawn

Many relationship experts say that the attainment of love is not a sprint, it is a marathon, or hurdles or perhaps a steeplechase for you track and field aficionados. But what happens when you can’t get off the starting blocks at the firing of the gun. For Mark Tame his world is about to drastically … Continue reading

The Truth Is Out There

Collection of stories in the heart of 1950’s South/North Side Chicago where an all proper and by the book Detective Lieutenant Andrew Brooke tends to find himself in partnership with the freewheeling renegade Private Investigator Frank Lydecker. Together they form a formidable team that tackles the issue of solving complex murder mysteries. Some are hot, … Continue reading

Surviving The Game; South African Style

“The Fraternity is comprised exclusively of very wealthy, needless to say white, Afrikaans. It’s a small very tight closed group; we estimate that there are no more than ten or so core members. Between them they have controlling interests in pretty well every heavy industrial group in South Africa, and through their broader network of … Continue reading

A Vile Tale of Intersteller Shenanigans; and Voltaire Too!!!

“Life is not always figurative. Sometimes it’s relative, other times prejorative, and once in a while vindictive. Often, however, life is real – dammed real.” When I first read Candide I was amazed at how funny something so tragic could be. That was one of the first books I read that broke through some internal … Continue reading

Be Proud of Your Heart. It Can be Played, Stabbed, Cheated, Burned, and Broken but Somehow Still Works.

“A woman will think she can fall in love with you because you can write a song,because you can touch some raw emotional nerve that most people don’t even bother thinking about. Because you van write a fucking lovesong. Because you’re famous. And for one night: you’re golden. I’ve been golden all over the world. … Continue reading

I’ve Been Everywhere and Have Seen Many Things, Man. And There’s Only One Thing You Should Know…

“He knew then what was so awful in his visions, what gave them their power to terrify, to torment – to make his life seem so peculiarly hollow all of a sudden: they were true. That fragility he had seen, the mortality, the vulnerability – they were everywhere. It was no great revelation that everyone … Continue reading

Through Jails, Rails, Sails, and Trails; The Search for the Holy Grail Continues

“She unpinned the Saint Christopher medal from the fabric over the windshield and stuck it on his shirt. “Christopher saved a child from a river, and though he was a big and strong man, the surprising weight of the small child almost made him stumble and fall into the raging water, but he would not … Continue reading

So This is What Rejection Feels Like

Many people refrain from reading short story collections for a variety of reasons. Whether it be the feeling that once you get a feel for the characters the story is over, they see it as a way to inflate the ego of the writer, or perhaps they see it is an easy way out of … Continue reading

Coming of Age in the Dawn of a New Age

“Andri catches her stare and smiles. She blinks at the table. He clasps her wrist, his grip warm and meaty, his thumb grazes the stained bandage. ‘Killing yourself?’ She snatches her hand into her lap, seesaws between pride and embarrassment,being thought capable, then incapable of suicide, shakes her head.’Too bad’ ‘Andri!’ Megan’s disapproval prickles a … Continue reading

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