Like Gazpacho, Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

SUMMARY Leslie Krag escapes a near certain Colorado prison sentence for burning down her husband's cabin and flees to her villa in Tuscany. Two weeks after her arrival, a businessman she'd met on her flight, Roger Halliday, appears at her villa looking for a place to hide. He's certainly not the man she thought he... Continue Reading →

Wherever This Is From, Its Got To Be From The Bowels Of Someplace Batty And Unzipped

Summary -The predecessor / doppelgänger / kindred spirit of “Catastrophically Consequential”, “Hideous Exuberance” remains, in this revised edition, a character-driven, highbrow-lowbrow, post-post-modern, comic-fantasy-nightmare dissecting the unbridled egoism, narcissism, and anti-intellectualism of the present day. This work is a flamboyant, surrealistic and experimental study of abusive and self-abusing characters, as well as a trashy, grungy, poetic... Continue Reading →

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