Exile Is Compelling And Sure Beats Death By Polonium

"This isn't a country in transition but some sort of postmodern dictatorship that uses the language and institutions of democratic capitalism for authoritarian ends."  A 21st century expose on Vladimir Putin's Russia from the beginning of his tenure to present day. This book demonstrates that as much as the national leaders change, the values and... Continue Reading →

Which Way To The Beach?

"We were at a party. One girl said I was like her grandmother, now dead. I told her I'm nobody's grandmother and I'm not dead, and she said that made it perfect." What if the only thing on your bucket list was to literally fill a bucket before you kicked it. Eighty-two year old Etta... Continue Reading →

The Mind Wanders as I Read

"Once upon a time we shared in this common misconception of there being a divide between fact and fiction, but after that night our sense of the reality of events and the certainty of objects was forever deranged. How life seemed to be made up of the kind of person who controlled perception while most... Continue Reading →

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The great Canadian singer/songwriter and known cynic Joni Mitchell most famously wrote that "you don't know what you got 'till its gone." What you realize after reading some of these stories is the lack of perspective that enables mistakes to take shape in relationships (usually from the men's side) to ultimately lead to the end... Continue Reading →

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