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For All You 80’s Movie Buffs In Australia It’s Called War Of The Golden Wattles

  “For a while Fozzy rolled the word ‘home’ around his tongue tasting its texture and meaning for the first time, exploring its pros and cons and ultimately spitting it out in disgust. It struck him, like lightning strikes its target, how superficial it all was.The resolve was made to go back and reclaim what … Continue reading

A New Meaning to the Expression Down Under in Australia

“I thought of the divisions, within and through my city, small ones, cracks in pavements and in people’s minds, that were familiar, nondescript, repeated as often as the scene in front of me was repeated, glowing and then gone. I thought of bigger divisions, moral and political, how Eden Carmichael had moved across them, and … Continue reading

Everyone has a Story to Tell; What’s Yours?

What happens when the one aspect of life that you have left to use a rallying cry, as a means for something to preserve, could eventually end up tearing your family apart? For the Crowe family what starts out as a typical family drama ends up becoming much, much more than they ever could have … Continue reading

Step Right Up and Don’t be Shy or be at Risk for a Needle in your Eye

“The women, dressed up like glazed hams and glistening in the heat, were trying to look like they belonged on the set of Sex and the City. Watch them closely and you could see the mannerisms of the American starlets they idolized; the gestures, the nuances of speech, grabs at being sassy. Meanwhile the men … Continue reading

WANTED Jessie Hunt, 30, Reward of 10,000(AUD) Issued by New South Wales Police Upon Capture

“If the dirt could speak, whose story would it tell? Would it favor the ones who have knelt upon it, whose fingers have split turning it over with their hands? Those who, in the evening would collapse weeping and bleeding into it as if the dirt were their mother?Or would it favor those who seek … Continue reading

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