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Dude Where’s My Car?

Sylvania, Ohio. One of the safest cities in the world. Or at least, it was. Now, it’s nearly impossible for most people to walk the streets without being attacked by bizarre flying objects. With random pieces of machines vanishing, walking proves to be the safest way to get anywhere. No one knows what is going … Continue reading

A Vile Tale of Intersteller Shenanigans; and Voltaire Too!!!

“Life is not always figurative. Sometimes it’s relative, other times prejorative, and once in a while vindictive. Often, however, life is real – dammed real.” When I first read Candide I was amazed at how funny something so tragic could be. That was one of the first books I read that broke through some internal … Continue reading

Madness is a Terrible Thing to Waste

“If jobs needed doing then yes went ahead and done them, blind or no blind. That was one thing Sammy had learned, yer man, the bold yin. Mind you no everything that happened was gony be down to him. Some would, but no it all. Ye’re never responsible for everything; no in this world: this … Continue reading

Restless Sleep? Take 35 of These and Call Me

“In general if you tell people something bad, they buy right into it, because it strikes them as normal. But when you make up good things, they get suspicious.” Reading Etgar Keret’s Suddenly, a Knock on the Door was a truly surreal experience. The majority of these stories seemed to be constructed effortlessly by the … Continue reading

Step Right Up and Don’t be Shy or be at Risk for a Needle in your Eye

“The women, dressed up like glazed hams and glistening in the heat, were trying to look like they belonged on the set of Sex and the City. Watch them closely and you could see the mannerisms of the American starlets they idolized; the gestures, the nuances of speech, grabs at being sassy. Meanwhile the men … Continue reading

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