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When the American Dream Becomes All Too Real

“The baby Ben on Pauline’s nightstand jangled out an alarm. She slapped the top of the clock. Buck stirred, then settled deeper under the covers She looked into the pale sunlight filtering through a sheer curtain. ‘I wonder what this day will bring.’ “ 1960’s San Francisco, California a hotbed for the hippie movement it … Continue reading

When Getting In Where You Fit In Is A Life Long Concept

“War makes possible enemies out of people whom we have considered friendly acquaintances for many years. Yet the dangers attendant on having people who would furnish information to the enemy in our midst is too great to allow a relaxation of alertness. Aliens loyal to Mussolini or Hitler are just as dangerous to us right … Continue reading

Watch Your Step Kid!!! Once You Go Down That Road There Is No Turning Back

“Paranoid are not paranoid because they’re paranoid, but because they keep putting themselves, fucking idiots, deliberately into paranoid situations.” In a post-modern world, in a town that on the surface is not unlike many others, there lives a woman named Oedipa Maas. She lives in a town that goes by the “rolls off the tongue” … Continue reading

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