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Running Over Challenges

Living in Canada and in and around the Toronto area I have been exposed to some of Buck 65’s music which I generally found to be odd (in a 20th century way), yet inspired in a ‘yahhhhh progression’ sort of way. Being an avid sports fan with baseball near the top of the list, I … Continue reading

I’ll Always Have You WordPress

“No matter how much you run, no matter how hard you try, Death will find you and get what it wants. Death is the one thing that will not and can not be denied.” Like most children there are times where you have insurmountable challenges trying to fit in with all the different cliques in … Continue reading

Ghosts Can Take Many Forms

“Wabigoon shook his head. “Those girls, hitchhiking. No choice, eh? The buses don’t run up north anymore. You hear that old joke about the Anishnabe woman hitchhiking? She gets into a truck and there’s a big bottle of booze in the passenger seat.¬† ‘Got that for my old man’ the driver says. And the Anishnabe … Continue reading

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Sexism, Misogyny and Rape Has Got To Go!

“I kissed him back, releasing myself momentarily to a world without words. Ironic really, since it had been words that had begun it all. Words that stung, words that killed, words that destroyed. Regardless of how good it felt just now to have lips on mine, keeping them still, I wasn’t going to underestimate the … Continue reading

It All Starts With A Blank Canvas

SUMMARY ¬†Painting Pictures features eight stories of discovery, betrayal, and passion. The stories depict the emotional turmoil that results from decisions: a little girl who migrates to Canada on a hot August day is flabbergasted to discover there’s no snow; a graphic designer leaves her husband each morning to meet her lover; an inconsolable heartbreak … Continue reading

And You Thought New York City Apartment’s Were Small

“The civil dead, that’s what I am in this hellish monstrosity, civil dead. Hitler’s regime had more civil liberties than this sinister stinkhole. Caesar and the Romans tolerated the Christians more under their laws. Romans – when in Rome, do as the Romans. Living among psychos, I’ve become a psycho.” Richard Dube lives in a … Continue reading

Which Way To The Beach?

“We were at a party. One girl said I was like her grandmother, now dead. I told her I’m nobody’s grandmother and I’m not dead, and she said that made it perfect.”   What if the only thing on your figurative bucket list was to literally fill a bucket before you kicked it. Eighty-two year … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time There was Humanity

“My daughters talking me out of going to that light, that bright, dazzling light that I’ve seen not once but twice now. The glorious light they always speak about, and it’s true, like that first glimpse of your own children – the light equally fascinating, captivating, alluring. A light to bury your world-weary self in” … Continue reading

High School: The Time of Financial Frugality but Immoderate Mischief

“The makers of fine tobacco got men to part with serious money because they were selling them a lot more than shredded leaves and nicotine. They were selling a dream. Single malt distillers played the same game. It wasn’t ethyl alcohol they were peddling, it was prestige. Trouble was, all three – nicotine, alcohol, and … Continue reading

Home is Where Your Heart Lies

The problem with short stories is that more often than not there are some that you will like more than others. This belief leads to an unfair overall evaluation and a less likely realization of a glowing review for the book. By choosing short stories as their preferred medium, maybe the author deserves what they … Continue reading

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