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A Minotaur Would Surely Help

“I once heard Perkus Tooth say that he’d woken that morning having dreamed an enigmatic sentence: ‘Paranoia is a flower in the brain.’ Perkus offered this, then smirked and bugged his eyes–the ordinary eye, and the other. I played at amazement (I was amazed, anyway, at the fact that Perkus dreamed sentences to begin with). … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time There was Humanity

“My daughters talking me out of going to that light, that bright, dazzling light that I’ve seen not once but twice now. The glorious light they always speak about, and it’s true, like that first glimpse of your own children – the light equally fascinating, captivating, alluring. A light to bury your world-weary self in” … Continue reading

Unapologetic Briskly Walking Contradictions and the Obtuse Tourists in Their Way; I Love NY

“Being unattractive is much like being black, Larry thinks: one makes you a second- class citizen in the world of business, the other a peon in the world of romance. The only difference is that there hasn’t been a civil rights movement for the nondescript and homely people of the world, the short, the bald, … Continue reading

ShE lOvEs Me…she loves me not…ShE lOvEs Me…she loves me not…ShE lOvEs Me!!!

“You drop your phone and it lands in the yellow zone and you’re lucky it didn’t fall onto the tracks and I get goose bumps and I wish I could grab you by the arm and escort you to the other side of that pole. You’re too close to the tracks, Beck, and you’re luck … Continue reading

National Lampoon’s Presents Ajatashatru Oghash Rathod’s European Vacation

” ‘All sufficiently advanced technology is indiscernible from magic.’ At the time, the child has not understood. So the man had explained: ‘What that means, quite simply, is that things which are banal for me, can seem magical to you; it all depends on the technological level of the society in which you grow up.’ … Continue reading

You Look Hungry, You Should Eat Something, Said No One

“You will never be fulfilled until you understand that you must live your life for others, not for yourself.” A woman in Berlin has died mysteriously in her cramp, quaint, and cluttered inner city apartment. The mystery is not in the how she died but the motivation behind it. The death has been officially ruled … Continue reading

Thoughts can be Deadly, Words can be Weapons, We Hold the Answer.

“Memorization had been her companion in her lonely southern childhood. Her father was a farmer and a minister, and when he discovered that she had a skill for remembering, he had her memorize verses to open his sermon on Sundays. It began as her companion and became her curse. Language was a game, that was … Continue reading

As Tomorrow Creeps, An Ode to Yesternight

“As I read it I experienced what was becoming a familiar sensation: the world was rearranging itself around me while I processed words from a liquid-crystal display. So much of the most important personal news I’d received in the last several years had come to me by smartphone while I was abroad in the city … Continue reading

However Misguided; Envy is Love’s Sister’s Keeper. Through it, Love Will Always Survive.

“The pile of clothes from last week is still there, and it looks dustier and more forlorn than it did a few days ago. I read somewhere that a train can rip the clothes right off you when it hits. It’s not that unusual, death by train. Two to three hundred a year, they say, … Continue reading

The Family that Plays Together Stays Together…Is that How it Goes?

” ‘Buenos dias,’ Franny said to the woman in the apron. If she was being truly honest, Franny was slightly disappointed that the women in the market were all wearing perfectly normal clothing, with mobile phones sticking out of their pockets, just like women in New York. It was even true in Mumbai, that a … Continue reading

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