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Running Over Challenges

Living in Canada and in and around the Toronto area I have been exposed to some of Buck 65’s music which I generally found to be odd (in a 20th century way), yet inspired in a ‘yahhhhh progression’ sort of way. Being an avid sports fan with baseball near the top of the list, I … Continue reading

Death And Peace; Life And Lamentations

Scouting for the Reaper by Jacob M. Appel contains an unorthodox collection of short stories that center¬†around the common theme of life and the many mysteries that casually ride shotgun, or plague us along the way. The author explores situations that arise whether young or old, male or female. The author goes about his way … Continue reading

Ignorance Is Bliss When It Comes To Buying Thrift Store Clothing

“What you think you practice, what you practice you become, and what you become has consequences.” In a lot of ways James “JD” Dillenger is a traditional and all to typical North American teenager. He is involved in his first relationship with a young woman named Sylvia, he has an indiscriminate palate for donuts, he … Continue reading

You Look Hungry, You Should Eat Something, Said No One

“You will never be fulfilled until you understand that you must live your life for others, not for yourself.” A woman in Berlin has died mysteriously in her cramp, quaint, and cluttered inner city apartment. The mystery is not in the how she died but the motivation behind it. The death has been officially ruled … Continue reading

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