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1930’s Paris And London Calling

“It is altogether curious, your first contact with poverty. You have thought so much about poverty–it is the thing you have feared all your life, the thing you knew would happen to you sooner or later; and it, is all so utterly and prosaically different. You thought it would be quite simple; it is extraordinarily complicated. You thought it … Continue reading

National Lampoon’s Presents Ajatashatru Oghash Rathod’s European Vacation

” ‘All sufficiently advanced technology is indiscernible from magic.’ At the time, the child has not understood. So the man had explained: ‘What that means, quite simply, is that things which are banal for me, can seem magical to you; it all depends on the technological level of the society in which you grow up.’ … Continue reading

I Just Want to Retire and Live for Once in my Life

The thought of reading a cultural mystery novel with “old folks” and their varying personalities being at the heart of the matter is always a very favourable option. When the story involves argumentative, skinny, shoulder-shrugging, wine drinking, rude French natives I believe a great time reading this story is in fact an inevitability. With respects … Continue reading

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