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A Susceptible Mind

The key ingredient was to find a person of faultless poise. A person willing to see both sides of the argument, but also the ability to find an equilibrium permitting the completion of the task at hand. With two forces tugging at both ends, which way would he turn when the time came? The end … Continue reading

Brandy For My Men, Soaked Hay Cubes For My Horses

“The rough estimate of these riches was set at fifteen thousand dollars; my take of this more than tripled my savings, and as we left the musty basement, heading up the stairs and into the light, I felt two things at once: a gladness at this turn of fortune, but also an emptiness that I … Continue reading

The Trouble In Getting In Where You Fit In

“But what about her uncle? She had so little to go on, practically nothing of any substance, and yet he loomed so large over the entire household. He was a mythic creature, a legend. It was impossible to imagine him as the father at a wedding. Dancing? Rejoicing? He slipped out of all the scenarios … Continue reading

Right Away Lady Stapleford

“The devil may make work for idle hands, but industry stills the demons within.” A Death in the Family is a story of a young English girl named Euphemia Martins coping with the sudden death of her father and Reverand Joshia Martins and the financial struggle left behind for her mother and little brother Joe. With … Continue reading

Till Death Do Us Part

” ‘Negative thoughts back you into a corner,’ her mother said to her, smiling, one afternoon after returning from a picnic with the baby in Flushing Meadows Park. ‘They multiply and surround you. Don’t think of what you don’t have. Try to focus on the simple pleasures.’ It was rich, this spouting of shibboleths, this … Continue reading

Living In Two Worlds

“Excel stood up. ‘A question before you go.’ ‘Sir?’ ‘Did a friend tell you to push Sanderline Johnson out the window?’ ‘No, sir. But aren’t you glad he jumped?’” Carhop’s, mutilated dogs, bagmen, incestuous behaviours, kickbacks, police informants, shakedowns, strikebreakers, incessant strong-arming… This is the world where Lieutenant David D. Klein is held, and in … Continue reading

With a Cannibal and a Complete Nutter; Isolation on a Desert Island Sounds Just Fine

“I ask you to remember, not every man that bears the mark of the castaway, is a castaway at heart.” To me J.M. Coetzee’s story Foe is a function of three distinct points of view that takes the reader from a manageable settled feeling, to a further state of evaluation, and finally to an interpretative … Continue reading

Through Jails, Rails, Sails, and Trails; The Search for the Holy Grail Continues

“She unpinned the Saint Christopher medal from the fabric over the windshield and stuck it on his shirt. “Christopher saved a child from a river, and though he was a big and strong man, the surprising weight of the small child almost made him stumble and fall into the raging water, but he would not … Continue reading

Grab your Loincloth and Spearhead and Let’s Go on a Trip to a Faraway Land, a Long, Long Time Ago

“It’s fragile what we know. It’s gone every time we forget. Then someone has to learn it all over again.”    In a not so faraway land a long, long time ago their lived a disinclined shaman’s apprentice named Loon. He is about to embark on a coming of age journey succinctly stated by the … Continue reading

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