Du Dum Du Dum, Du Dum, Du Dum Du Dum Du Dum Du Dum Du Dum, Da Da Da Da Da – Pink Panther

"Singh remembered that he was on enforced medical leave. It might be ages before he had a juicy murder to deal with if Superintendent Chen had his way. This case - a missing person, a secretive family, a powerful scion, a city of contrasts and a wedding deadline - was certainly not for the fainthearted.... Continue Reading →

There’s a Fine Line Between Genius and Insanity; Your Wet Bed May Have Tipped the Scales

“‘Serial killers ruin families,’ shrugged Bob. ‘Corporate and political and religious psychopaths ruin economies. They ruin societies.’ We aren't all good people just trying to do good. Some of us are psychopaths. And psychopaths are to blame for this brutal, misshapen society. They’re the rocks thrown into the still pond.” Religious cult leaders… psychopaths, CEO’s... Continue Reading →

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