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Living In One’s Head Leaves Little Spare Time

“I have often imagined him returning home a week early that summer, to a mother, to a father; and having to watch his father’s face as the boy told him he failed because he was weak. A trifling incident in a whole lifetime, you may say. Not true. It could have changed him forever, his … Continue reading

Is “Play”giarism a Victimless Crime?

This is a very difficult piece of literature to review because it is not so much a novel but a piece of art to be reflected upon. I was going to just copy and paste someone else’s review, change a few words, claim the work as my own and see how long it would take … Continue reading

Life: 7 Billion People Can’t be Wrong

“You must begin to dream. From this time on you must shut your ears to the roaring of the voices.” At the heart of the city and ingrained in the people of Winesburg, Ohio is a purity, an optimism that over time becomes tainted, decayed, distorted because of missed opportunities or common mistakes experienced in … Continue reading

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