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There’s A Santa Claus In All Of Us

SUMMARY Non-fiction: Parenting. Winner of Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards Gold Medal for Best Parenting Book of the Year, The Big Secret, The Whole and Honest Truth About Santa Claus is an irresistible instant classic no parent should be without! This feel-good picture book helps parents with the inevitable question “Is Santa real?”. With honors … Continue reading

Children May Be Small, But They’re The Biggest Test Of Patience

SUMMARY When your son wakes you up at 3:00 A.M. because he wants to watch Caillou, he’s an a-hole. When your daughter outlines every corner of your living room with a purple crayon, she’s an a-hole. When your rug rats purposely decorate the kitchen ceiling with their smoothies, they’re a-holes. So it’s only natural to … Continue reading

T-Minus 394461 Minutes, 59 Seconds and a Honey-Do-List With No End in Sight

Reading the acknowledgements I was elated to see the author thanked Augusten Burroughs for his work and the inspiration that he has provided. My re”birth” into bibliophilia (yes it’s a disease) was brought on by reading Burroughs’ memoir Dry, and eventually his other book’s Running With Scissors, and You Better Not Cry. Their was much … Continue reading

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