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A Cow Is A Cow-like Animal

  “’Eskimos were invariably described as the happiest people on Earth. Any unhappiness they suffered was not through jealousy; they didn’t have a word for it. They borrowed spouses for convenience and fun — it did not make them unhappy. So who’s looney? Look at this glum world around you, then tell me: Did Mike’s … Continue reading

6 Feet Under And Still Keeping Them Guessing

“The little boy nodded at the peony and the peony seemed to nod back. The little boy was neat, clean and pretty. The peony was unchaste, dishevelled as peonies must be, and at the height of its beauty. It was a significant moment, for it was Francis’s first conscious encounter with beauty – beauty that … Continue reading

What’s Black & White And Red All Over?

“There is no better time than the autumn to begin forgetting things that trouble us, allowing them to fall away like drifted leaves. There is no better time to dance again, to make the most out of every crumb of sunlight and warm body and soul with its rays before it falls asleep and becomes … Continue reading

Confessions Of A Teenage Midwesterner

The 1970’s brought about many new feelings for a whole number of people across America. To the front of the list was the realization that change was a coming whether you were ready for it or not. For example you have: 1) The traditional male facing the liberation of females through their protestations of their … Continue reading

Living In One’s Head Leaves Little Spare Time

“I have often imagined him returning home a week early that summer, to a mother, to a father; and having to watch his father’s face as the boy told him he failed because he was weak. A trifling incident in a whole lifetime, you may say. Not true. It could have changed him forever, his … Continue reading

A Place Where Real Values Have No Meaning

Bus crashes, hostage situations, trucks going over bridge overpasses, bullets flying, being caught in the middle of a Guatemala drug war; all in a days work of a dogged missionary. Nina Truman is part of a family who have lived their professional lives answering God’s call to doing missionary work in countries of need. Nina … Continue reading

When the American Dream Becomes All Too Real

“The baby Ben on Pauline’s nightstand jangled out an alarm. She slapped the top of the clock. Buck stirred, then settled deeper under the covers She looked into the pale sunlight filtering through a sheer curtain. ‘I wonder what this day will bring.’ “ 1960’s San Francisco, California a hotbed for the hippie movement it … Continue reading

An Atheist and an Angel Walk Into a Bar in the Afterlife… See What I Did There?

“The great painters and composers didn’t simply decide what beauty was. They discovered in their lives and devoted themselves to capturing it.” This is a millennial retelling of a popular 1980’s family comedy, but for the sake of subtleties let’s call this intergalactic religious odyssey Ransom & Corwin’s Excellent Meta-Physical Adventure. Together they travel through … Continue reading

Du Dum Du Dum, Du Dum, Du Dum Du Dum Du Dum Du Dum Du Dum, Da Da Da Da Da – Pink Panther

“Singh remembered that he was on enforced medical leave. It might be ages before he had a juicy murder to deal with if Superintendent Chen had his way. This case – a missing person, a secretive family, a powerful scion, a city of contrasts and a wedding deadline – was certainly not for the fainthearted. … Continue reading

To Hell and Back For the Greater Good

The most critical issue facing Christianity and one that I agree with is its enchant for dreariness. Dangerous is a story of a good old Nebraskan man’s quest to spread the word of the Lord in the world’s most dangerous places and in doing so changing this ever-present philosophy that religion is boring. His dream … Continue reading

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