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Sometimes Waking Up Is Easy To Do

“Torvegade was not only empty and dirty, but also disemboweled. A scalpel of violence had torn and revealed its innards, and a hand armed with hatred had armed had removed its guts, it’s organs, then it had left it in agony. Christianashavn would neither resurrect nor heal from this wound. Not only was there a … Continue reading

It is Easy to Sleep With the Enemy. The Difficulty is Living With a Stranger

“Always, always it’s the heart first. You must have heart to move you along. After that there’s the head for understanding yourself, your enemy, and the field. If you have heart and use your head, you’ll always find something at hand to help you reach your end.” This book is incredibly conceptualized, illuminating in its … Continue reading

When Getting In Where You Fit In Is A Life Long Concept

“War makes possible enemies out of people whom we have considered friendly acquaintances for many years. Yet the dangers attendant on having people who would furnish information to the enemy in our midst is too great to allow a relaxation of alertness. Aliens loyal to Mussolini or Hitler are just as dangerous to us right … Continue reading

During Our Darkest Moments We Must Focus On The Light

“What is an adult? He’d always wondered. Was it a person who can speak when silent and who invents life, as opposed to just living it? At the wheel, Luke told himself she was the most adult person he had ever known. Some people would argue the opposite: that she had never grown up, that … Continue reading

To: Russia With Scorn, From: Russia With Love

” ‘She says not only not necessary but not practical. We girls, she says,we were scrawny little rats and could squeeze into odd spots where no man could, and bend ourselves into positions no man could. In those circumstances a spotter would have been a hindrance. She also believes woman have naturally more patient temperaments. … Continue reading

Coming of Age in the Dawn of a New Age

“Andri catches her stare and smiles. She blinks at the table. He clasps her wrist, his grip warm and meaty, his thumb grazes the stained bandage. ‘Killing yourself?’ She snatches her hand into her lap, seesaws between pride and embarrassment,being thought capable, then incapable of suicide, shakes her head.’Too bad’ ‘Andri!’ Megan’s disapproval prickles a … Continue reading

Untying the Tie that Binds; A Generational Tale about a Generational Problem

There is nothing more enjoyable for a reader then the feeling of being transported. When the author can have distinct voice for different recollections of time periods or even settings without losing focus brings a gripping read that is difficult to put down. My initial expectations were that it would be a high paced private … Continue reading

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