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The purpose of the Bind, Blotty, and Cajole blog is to catalogue my reviews somewhere and maintain a level of creativity however low it may be. Outside of cooking, dancing, lovemaking and this new channel I essentially ain’t got nadda. I regard reading as an essential element for your mind, body, and soul, hence the name of my blog being a play on that expression and I hope people will see the value as well. Some of the books I have reviewed are written by lesser known authors and have been independently published, while others are well-documented classics or award winners. I enjoy the mix and hope you will appreciate it as well.

I decided to include various gifs, memes, pictures, and songs because I know how boring it can be to read reviews and how important it is to maintain attention for the reader slogging there way through the post. I do have a few cat pictures and clichéd memes but I try to search for interesting photographs to add to my blog to avoid the obvious and be a little more profound. Throughout my life when writing papers or essays for professors I have always tried to be different than the rest, focusing on entertainment while still demonstrating a knowledge of all the vital characteristics outlined in the project. Selfishly it makes it more enjoyable for me and hopefully for the reader as well. Of course it’s hard to find humour in World War 2 Nazi Germany but when I can, I try to look at the lighter side of things rather then going with a procedural approach.

I also love music and in most cases the songs I selected for my blog posts fit the theme of the novel or the overall feeling I had, but I will admit that in some cases I have made them fit because I love the song or wanted to cleverly include some guilty pleasures. If you have any requests let me know and I will look to include them somehow in my reviews (partly joking). And if you found a new song for your playlist, you’re welcome in advance, if not screw you that’s my song (not joking).

If you want to know more about me READ MY POSTS! Thank you for dropping by 🙂


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