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"Increasing numbers of young men, like Rocco, feel the need to treat their bodies as a project whereby they re-invent, re-design, package and brand themselves into valuable commodities in order to compete against other employees, to attain and maintain a job and income, and to gain an identity that their employees can use to their... Continue Reading →


A Cow Is A Cow-like Animal

  "’Eskimos were invariably described as the happiest people on Earth. Any unhappiness they suffered was not through jealousy; they didn't have a word for it. They borrowed spouses for convenience and fun — it did not make them unhappy. So who's looney? Look at this glum world around you, then tell me: Did Mike's... Continue Reading →

I Heart Epiphanies

SUMMARY  Collard County is a collection of 5 short stories by Tamara J. Madison. With bold characters set in rich southern tradition and lushly poetic description, each of the tales carries its own unique twist, flirting with the paranormal and metaphysical. Subject matter includes a woman who discovers that she is literally falling apart and... Continue Reading →

It All Starts With A Blank Canvas

SUMMARY  Painting Pictures features eight stories of discovery, betrayal, and passion. The stories depict the emotional turmoil that results from decisions: a little girl who migrates to Canada on a hot August day is flabbergasted to discover there's no snow; a graphic designer leaves her husband each morning to meet her lover; an inconsolable heartbreak... Continue Reading →

Follow You, Follow Me

The body looked like all the others: a female bound at the wrists and ankles, blood-oozing welts criss-crossing her buttocks, crushed larynx; most of all, her palate was pierced with that wickedly shaped fishing hook for controlling her while she endured the unspeakable. Yet, one thing distinguished her from the other corpses: she was thawing... Continue Reading →

My Blog

The purpose of the Bind, Blotty, and Cajole blog is to catalogue my reviews somewhere and maintain a level of creativity however low it may be. Outside of cooking, dancing, lovemaking and this new channel I essentially ain't got nadda. I regard reading as an essential element for your mind, body, and soul, hence the... Continue Reading →

Tongs Get Stuck Up Your Lettuce

Being a Foodie I thought this was quite funny

Elan Mudrow


Dinnerware doesn’t do

Breakfast or even lunch

What a stuck up clod.

Salad forks maybe specialists

But, have been known

To stray, to poke a few

Meat and potatoes.

Paper plates are slobs.

Butter knives are dull

However, some are really twisted.

Does china honestly need

Its own cabinet?

I mean come on!

Spoons dip their way

into everything

Then stir things up.

Spatulas are good spankers.

Platters are deep

Into the heavy shit.

Oh sure, crockpots warm up to you

Then turn cold

At the garage sale.

Wine glasses love attention

Always clinking and clanking

Over something or other.

Steak knives are mean

They’re serrated!

Ladles can get saucy.

Pans get fried all the time

And sometimes smoke

In between meals.

Tongs get stuck up your lettuce.



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